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Our organization is involved in numerous projects.

Because of resource limitation as well as the nature of the projects that are being implemented, project managers in many organizations are tasked to lead more than one project at a time.

What we do

Educational programs can be aimed at people of any age, but the main moral concerns tend to be over whether certain material is appropriate for children of certain ages, and whether the material is dealt with in a proper manner. 

Health care

Much like in traditional therapy, in online therapy (also called e-therapy or teletherapy), patients work with licensed therapists to treat the symptoms and causes of mental health issues and improve their quality of life. The primary difference is that online counseling happens in a virtual environment rather than a physical one.


Community Forums are meetings held locally, often hosted by the local council. Forums are typically comprosed of local residents, councillors,  senior representatives from the local authorities, the Police, Primary Care Trusts and other key local organisations, to debate key topics and answer residents’ questions face-to-face.


This site is dedicated to the women who have ruled since the beginning of times – or as long as the sources date back – and those holding political offices to the present day.

There have always been female rulers. Egyptian Queens are believed to have governed from around 3000 BCE, and the first to be named by the sources without any doubt is Ku-baba, who ruled the Mesopotamian City-State of Ur around 2500 BCE.

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